July 10, 2020 Important Documents e,g, Call for Nominations and PROXY Form Important information for the upcoming 2020 Annual Meeting is now posted in the Members Area of the website.
Documents listed are:
* Call for Nominations for 2020 Election to the Board of Directors. An opportunity for you to participate in the administration and operation of your Hebrides community. The deadline for nominations to be received is 4:00 pm on Friday, July 17th. Additional information outlining the requirements for Nomination is available in the posted document in the Members Area.

* 2020 Proxy Form Please note: members who are unable to attend the meeting in person or who link in virtually by Zoom must designate a Proxy to have their vote registered at the meeting.

The Annual Meeting Handout will be posted on the website in the week prior to the July 25th meeting date.

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